NHR load series products——DC load
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4700 LXI series and 4760 LXI series DC electronic load are designed for the need of high power load testing occasions, the 4700 LXI series is low-voltage and high-current type, while the 4760 LXI series is high-voltage and low-current type.


Ø Single group of load expandable up to 36KW:

4700 LXI series and 4760 LXI series DC load can be divided into the main load and auxiliary load, the difference is whether they have a control circuit board. One main load can maximum paralleled five auxiliary loads to achieve that single group of load expandable up to 36KW.

Ø Flexible, simple manual touch interface:

Each main load has a manual touch interface, and you can be flexible, convenient to control the work mode and monitor the load for voltage, electric current and so on.

Ø CC, CV, CR, CP mode:

Through the touch interface or PC software Settings, the load can be good run in CC, CV, CR, CP mode, and can realize the seamless switching between each mode.

Ø Integrated measuring instruments, such as oscilloscope, multimeter, etc:

The internal circuit of load integrated oscilloscope, multimeter and other measuring instrument, you can easily measure the voltage, current, etc, also you can use the oscilloscope to capture their waveform.

Ø Protection functions:

The interior of load integrated some protective circuit, such as OV, OC, OP, OT, reverse voltage and under voltage lockout, maximum extent possible to ensure that the load safe and reliable operation.






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