NHR power automatic testing system——S400 Series
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S400 series power test system is programmed control by PC, it can provide fast comprehensive test for low power DC-DC and low-medium power AC-DC, and is the best solution for test of DC-DC converter, AC-DC power supply, adapter and charger. S400 series power test system is mainly divided into three types: S430 suitable for low power DC - DC converter test; S440 suitable for low power AC - DC converter test; S450 suitable for medium power AC-DC and DC-DC power supply test.



Ø Perfect test scheme:

Chassis type full function test system, small volume, and have the comprehensive test ability, such as steady state test, transient testing, switch machine test and protective test, etc.

Ø Flexible configuration:

In order to achieve compact structure and high flexibility goals, the internal power supply and load were make a modular design, and 6-slot chassis supports any combination and exchange of the load and power supply modules to meet different needs.

Ø Embedded measurement system:

Inside the system chassis integrated a very advanced measuring system (EMS), and have the oscilloscope, voltmeter, timing/noise analyzer, the  power analyzer functions, this avoid the complex cable connection and signal switching processing, so that the test will be more convenient and quick.

Ø Automation test software——empower:

The function of empower is very powerful. Using it, the user can be very convenient to write test procedure and generate test report, improve test speed. Besides, software can do some operation to hardware such as configuration, and measure the voltage, current, power, etc, using the integrated oscilloscope to do the waveform capture of these measurement values, will be real-time to display the waveform.



System Parameters:




DC Volts,DC Peak


0.01% +0.01%

RMS Noise


1.5% +1.5%

Peak to Peak Noise



3%  @1MHZ


10Hz-400kHz, 10Hz-1MHz





Waveform Capture

DC 25kHz


Input channels

12,external,selected,differential inputs for UUT measurement 

Threshold Detector

1,±full DCV range with programmable reference

Digital Outputs

7,open collector,isolated, 300mA/100VDC/1W

Digital Inputs

8,4 with±10V programmable reference,4 with logic level reference

General Purpose Relays


Frequency Generator

10kHz-2MHz,  programmable pulse width



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