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ConfigurableAutomated Test Systems- Signal Level
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There are some different RDIU with different configurations in some aircraft avionics system. It is desirable to provide a flexible configuration of HIL test bench for automated testing RDIU performance and functionality.

The HIL test stand can automatically recognize the unit under test, and can initialize the configuration according to the reorganization. For the realization of automated test, there are some automated test management platforms in the HIL test bench. It can implement test case management, editing, control and execution, and management of test results.


1. Requirements

To automatically recognize different RDIU modular with different function and performance.

2. Solution

1) Hardware:

    • Real-time target machine+ Configurable modular

2) Software

    • Automated testing software+PC control software

3. Advantage

1) Save lots of channels

2) Support automated functional testing, and can save the test time

3) Reusable Solutions

4) Portable version can support field testing

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