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Servo stabilized simulation and test system- Signal level
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1. System description

Servo stabilized simulation and test system provides stable servo controller fault signal simulating function, integrated signal conditioning function, signal test function and real-time simulation.

2. Technique requirement

The requirements of the complete set of servo stabilized simulation and test system required to include:

Fault input: it can simulate the common electrical fault of large load digital stable system, including short circuit of power supply, short circuit to ground, open circuit fault state, and short circuit between any two pins.

Signal conditioning:each channel of signal conditioning should be with four kinds of functions which are analog input, analog output, digital input, and digital output. Each path of signal conditioning channel should have a multi band filter function, and can also be in the impedance matching at the same time.

Load simulation:it includes 16 programmable load channels, and the programmable cell shall be controlled by the CAN bus or the analog quantity. The work mode should include constant current mode, constant voltage mode, constant load mode and DSP mode, meanwhile it shall support to download the Matlab/Simulink model and can run the motor model. The response frequency of the load simulation unit should be 1KHz.

Power fluctuation simulation: it shall simulate a variety of power fluctuations, and shall support the reappearance of power fluctuations and the playback of the collected waveform, and shall support the output of waveform which custom commanded by user.

Real-time simulation test and other functions: it shall be able to run real-time terrain data, vehicle environment incentive model, and load dynamics model, etc.

3. System composition

The servo stabilized simulation and test system realize the simulation of controlled object and environment model by downloading and running controlled object model and the environment model. The system use electrical signal line and signal conditioning box to connect the servo controller hardware, and form closed loop control, make use of their own fault injection to complete the hardware in the loop testing and verification. The system can also connect with the servo stabilized semi physical simulation excitation test system through Ethernet, CAN bus and direct electrical signal line , and assist servo stable semi physical simulation excitation test system to implement the function of system level dynamic testing.

Servo stabilized simulation and test system is mainly composed of five parts which are real-time simulation test system, load simulation system, intelligent signal conditioning system with fault injection function, power fluctuation simulation system, automatic simulation test environment system, as well as some cabinet cable accessories.

4. Advantages of the system

The fault injection/signal conditioning system can add many kinds of electrical faults in the loop, including short circuit and open circuit, etc. In the whole control loop, the model of the servo controller model is detected and verified. Each path of signal conditioning can adjust voltage/current relationship of different loads and match the internal impedance, so as to achieve the joint debugging between multi loads. Programming load unit allows customer to build and download model to Speedgoat independently by Matlab/Simulink and implement the simulation and testing of load model, and to operate real-time terrain data, vehicle environment incentive model, load dynamic model etc.. The power simulation module can simulate many kinds of power waveform, such as random starting waveform, fast transient waveform, the voltage waveform, ramp up/down waveform, and supports the reappearance of power fluctuations and waveform playback.

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